New Jersey Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy


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6th Annual Conference / Retreat



June 8, 2012


Maris Stella Retreat and Conference Center

7201 Long Beach Boulevard

Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008-8863

Inside March 2012 Issue:

  • President’s Pen – Page 1
  • Members’ News – Page 2
  • Biggest Medicare Fraud in History – Page 3
  • SHCA – Page 5
  • Develop New Standardized POLST Form – Page 7
  • Easing End of Life Care, POLST – Page 8
  • Minutes from November 10, 2011 – Page 12

March 2012 NewsletterDownload March, 2012 Newsletter


Dear Sponsors,

Thank you for being Sponsors at the 5th annual New Jersey Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy Conference on June 3, 2011.  Your presentations were both informative and interesting to the attendees.  It was a pleasure to meet you all in person and learn more about your services.

We appreciate your support of the New Jersey Society and taking the time to participate in our conference.  We look forward to exploring opportunities with all of you in the future.


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What Our Members Say..

“...In looking back over the years, I am so very grateful to have had the opportunities to learn through an exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices and valuable educational sessions that enriched my professional development. Through support and encouragement, I served in many leadership roles on the Executive Board, and continued to be inspired by a membership of professional and hardworking people whose commitment to the goals of this Society and patient satisfaction are steadfast. I will always cherish the special times spent at NJSHCA and the priceless bonds that blossomed with very special people."

- Ellen C. Stanislaski -

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