Thank you to the 2019-20 Retreat Sponsors!

Dear Sponsors,

A special thanks to everyone who made the 2019 annual conference a great success!

Thank you for being Sponsors at the annual New Jersey Society for Healthcare Advocacy and the Patient Experience Conference on June 7, 2019. Your presentations were informative and interesting to the attendees. It was a pleasure to meet all of you in person and learn more about your services.

We appreciate your support of the NJSHAPE and taking the time to participate in our conference. We look forward to exploring opportunities with all of you in the future.


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"...This wonderful group of advocates is extremely knowledgeable, happy to share ideas and best practices, and offer a helping hand for almost any situation advocates encounter today. Additionally, we have guest speakers each meeting on the hottest topics for advocacy and have an opportunity to network with peers throughout the day."

- Corinne Robinson -

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